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Introducing StoryDecks. . . a fast and easy way to help young writers create complete, compelling stories in no time.

Just Enough Structure

Using our StoryDecks, students write (and optionally illustrate) a complete, compelling story in no time! The cards in each deck serve as guideposts and the students provide the details.

Flexible Use

Our StoryDecks have been used in a single 90-minute block of time, and have also been used in a week-long program, where students worked just 30-45 minutes each day. Illustrations are a wonderful option! A "marketing team" can write up a summary of a story and even create quotes from students, parents, and even celebrities. See how others are using our StoryDecks

Fantastic Results

Students are overflowing with enthusiasm when they use our StoryDecks. And their results are amazing. You can see stories written by students who have used our StoryDecks

Great for Use at Home, Too

Help overcome writer's block, provide a great rainy-day activity, or just encourage your budding young writer with this fun, easy method for creating great adventures!

Medieval Quest   Think castles and catapults, dragons and drawbridges. Your story takes place in medieval times, and the characters, jobs, character names, and props in this deck will take you back in time!

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Jungle Quest   Think machetes and monkeys, rivers and reptiles. Your story might take place in the deepest rainforest or floating down the Amazon. Watch out for gorillas, lizards, and leopards. And try not to fall into the piranha-infested waters!

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Space Quest   Think aliens and asteroids, comets and craters. This deck will help you create a story that's "out of this world." Get ready to blast off into another amazing adventure!

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Wacky Quest   The original, off-the-wall deck. Characters might be missing an arm or have big ears that stick out, might work as a pizza delivery person or as the President of the United States. Scenes might take place in the desert or at a carnival.

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These fantastic and fun card decks help students write complete, compelling stories quickly and easily.

  What Others Are Saying About StoryDecks:

"I had so much fun!"
Katie, 5th grade student

"It was so easy to write my story!"
Zachary, 5th grade student

"My daughter couldn't stop talking about the story she wrote!."
Karina, Parent