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Free Books for Schools: How it Works

  • Signing up for the program is easy. You can Join Now online.
  • Participating schools will receive a school-specific website URL which must be used when books are purchased. Purchases made using the company's main website will not provide credit with respect to this program.
  • Once a quarter (August, November, February, and May), Per Se Press will deliver free books to your school, along with a report indicating the purchases made via your school’s website for which you are receiving free books.
  • If you wish to distribute books based on teacher or classroom, someone at your school (e.g., principal, secretary, volunteer) must review the report and allocate books based on his/her knowledge of your students and their families.
  • We ask that you help spread the word within your school and parent community. Some schools do this via email newsletters, their websites, paper newsletters, or "Homework Folders" that contain materials that come how with students each week. Per Se Press will provide templates of memos and notices your school can use to communicate with parents about the program.
  • At the appropriate times during the school year (Aug/Sep, Dec, and May/Jun), you distribute copies of these flyers to the parents of grade-appropriate students via your standard mechanism for communicating with parents (e.g., “Friday Folders”).

If you are a principal or school administrator interested in participating in this program, please Join Now. It is free and easy. If you're interested, you can review the list of currently participating schools.

If you are a member of your school's PTA (or a similar group) or an active parent volunteer and would like to see your school participate in this program, please contact us. Together, we can fill your school with many free copies of Young Writers’ Toolkit.

If you represent a school district, county, or state, please contact us. This program is a great way to get this valuable reference book into the hands of students in all of your schools.

Per Se Press is committed to helping teachers and schools support students' passion for writing, and improve students' writing skills. We hope you'll take advantage of this unique program to get these valuable reference books into your school's classrooms and into the hands of your students.